Tuesday, 12 May 2009

And Today's Creation....


See he isn't all do for you naughtiness after all
In the lower pic he looks quite sweet

Yippeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! Daft to be excited over creating a new bear I guess but I can't help it! This is Treacle if you hadn't guessed and he's the latest bear to wander out of the Cubby Hole. This little bear differs from my others because he's got sparkly eyes! I bought the fur for Treacle from Admiral Bears years ago and couldn't find a pattern to do it justice. Since my op I've been playing with and tweaking my patterns and thought I'd got it right for the fur at last! He has such lovely, lovely soft fur I could stroke him all day. I know I'm meant to be selling Treacle but at the minute it looks as though hes' going to be staying at home for a while, naughty as he is! Ooooooo I'm chuffed! Now I can't wait to start another bear!

And a Cheese-theif!


Yes a mouse! I make mice or little cheese theives as they are known. I designed the pattern for them at a fair where I was bored ......less. In half an hour I was sewing Stilton who was to be my Stepdaughter Abby's birthday present and my first little mouse with a belled tail. She's mad on cheese which is why she got a mouse...we also knew that by belling the mouse we'd be belling her too, she'd carry it around and when she went to the fridge on a raid, well we'd hear her. Funny thing though, we always found Stilton and never his owner...hmmmm perhaps they really do have a life of their own!

Stilton was followed by Cheddar George and Roquefort. They were all boys, Claire Philly is the first girlie mouse I've done and I went all out feminine for her, altering the pattern and placements of everything. She made sure she was wearing plenty of pink ribbon in her ears and on her tail. That tail is wired...that tail is the reason my bearmaking came to a halt for a while, I had severe pins and needles in my thumb for a week after turning and completing that tail!

Hope you like her.

Finally New Bears!


Muffin has been waiting ages to have his photo shoot done and was feeling quite miffed that he wasn't getting anywhere to be shown off. Finally here he is, a close up to show just how nice his face really is and a wavy pic to show how podgy his paws are. I should have added to this sooner but it's been one thing after another...BIRTHDAY WEEKEND MAY 2ND and partying since then. Ahh the sloe gin floweth! I also had a bit of a break from making because my hands were killing me!