Tuesday, 12 May 2009

And Today's Creation....


See he isn't all do for you naughtiness after all
In the lower pic he looks quite sweet

Yippeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! Daft to be excited over creating a new bear I guess but I can't help it! This is Treacle if you hadn't guessed and he's the latest bear to wander out of the Cubby Hole. This little bear differs from my others because he's got sparkly eyes! I bought the fur for Treacle from Admiral Bears years ago and couldn't find a pattern to do it justice. Since my op I've been playing with and tweaking my patterns and thought I'd got it right for the fur at last! He has such lovely, lovely soft fur I could stroke him all day. I know I'm meant to be selling Treacle but at the minute it looks as though hes' going to be staying at home for a while, naughty as he is! Ooooooo I'm chuffed! Now I can't wait to start another bear!

And a Cheese-theif!


Yes a mouse! I make mice or little cheese theives as they are known. I designed the pattern for them at a fair where I was bored ......less. In half an hour I was sewing Stilton who was to be my Stepdaughter Abby's birthday present and my first little mouse with a belled tail. She's mad on cheese which is why she got a mouse...we also knew that by belling the mouse we'd be belling her too, she'd carry it around and when she went to the fridge on a raid, well we'd hear her. Funny thing though, we always found Stilton and never his owner...hmmmm perhaps they really do have a life of their own!

Stilton was followed by Cheddar George and Roquefort. They were all boys, Claire Philly is the first girlie mouse I've done and I went all out feminine for her, altering the pattern and placements of everything. She made sure she was wearing plenty of pink ribbon in her ears and on her tail. That tail is wired...that tail is the reason my bearmaking came to a halt for a while, I had severe pins and needles in my thumb for a week after turning and completing that tail!

Hope you like her.

Finally New Bears!


Muffin has been waiting ages to have his photo shoot done and was feeling quite miffed that he wasn't getting anywhere to be shown off. Finally here he is, a close up to show just how nice his face really is and a wavy pic to show how podgy his paws are. I should have added to this sooner but it's been one thing after another...BIRTHDAY WEEKEND MAY 2ND and partying since then. Ahh the sloe gin floweth! I also had a bit of a break from making because my hands were killing me!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Sort of In Celebration of being Hirstute ~ Raspberry Truffle

Ahh a childhood hero, who at the tender age of eight most girls would never identify with! A stint in the hospital however without a razor in sight and everyone knows just how this guy feels! Strangely enough someone, perhaps a teen angel has taken pity upon him and her veet to his legs and arms! What a lucky little hairball he is.

Now with Captain Caveman in mind, and keep him there...can you see a resemblance?

Yep! Another little hairball. I know it's against the grain to make small, tubby bears out of mohair about a centimetre too long for them, but I love doing it. I'd never realized why the thrill of seeing tiny pudgy toes peeking through the long hair gave me such a kick when I'd made them. Then it all became clear as a bored son watched Captain Caveman on U-tube, it is a childhood dream revisited and who out there can say that they didn't have a soft spot for the little guy? Infact I thought given this I'd call this little bear Roxxie...so he'd sound a bit like Cavies side kick.

Then I took him to see Nicola in Ashbourne and she suggested Raspberry Truffle as a name for the little bear, because he's such a lovely chocolate brown beneath the shocking raspberry and white streaks. Had to agree, because as enamoured of Cavie as I was, I love my chocolate even more!
Oh and for those wondering (or not) This is the mohair I was going on about in my last blog and it's so soft and silky it doesn't feel like the regular stuff! Infact it's so nice, I've had the purple variation as well...but shhhhhhh....it's being smuggled into the stash!

Friday, 17 April 2009

No Minging Weather, Just Ming

Hello everyone out there in Blogland.

A Belated Happy Easter, it was a good one which makes a change and sunny! Oh so sunny in a land that sunshine had forgot! So that made the Nottingham Bear Fair just fantastic! We were meant to be doing a stall on it, but obviously after an op, it's not going to happen, so we went to visit instead because it's important to support you local bear fairs. Anyway it was a great day, there were plenty of people there that I knew to natter to, Sue of Fenbeary Folk, she'd got some lovely dumpy little pink bears on her stall, wearing the cutest cardigans, and as usual I talked her poor ears off! Nice to see her though, and nice to see her new designs! Jean and Pete of Jennibears, I couldn't resist her blue bear with the big thumbs, he's sitting now on my sideboard with Peardroplet, brandishing those thumbs at me.

We have a thumbsucker in our midst folks, oh yes! She's thirteen and hasn't broken the habbit yet! Doesn't matter what you tell her the dogs rolled in as that thumb goes to her mouth, she still sucks it. Doesn't matter what germs you inform her lurk beneath those finger nails, she's still there...protesting that the germs make the thumb taste better! We tell her it'll make her thumbs smaller, she reckons it reduces her chance of getting paddle thumb (enlarged thumbs) through her excessive texting habbit. She's got an answer for everything so it's probably a good job that her thumb is in her mush for most of the day...it keeps her out of trouble. Anyway, the thumbsuckie bear was bought in her honour...I mean a bear with thumbs, how can you resist?

Haven Bears had some great little teds with sleepy eyes and I wanted Walnut, but I had spent my money for bear rations away, otherwise that would have been thumbsuckie bear, podgy pink bear, AND Walnut in the first half of the fair!

Wandering up the way to the Pavillion at Patchings Art Centre, sort of promised no more of anything and fell foul of some gorgeous mohair! Oooooo it's to die for and I've nearly finished the bear Sue, so I'll show you what I've been up to! It was similar mohair to one that she made...that I wanted....

Want, want, want...note the mantra so far and think how annoying it is when you tell kids, want, want, want doesn't get! I hate it and I'm 36, no wonder they throw tantrums!

Up in the Pavillion there was Barbara Ann and she had some fabric that was to die for! Oooo all rainbow colours ready for more hippy bears and funky bunnys. Sew What and Stuff it, purveyors of all things purple and fluffy, I had a LONG worship at that stall too. Baggaley Bears were tucked in a tiny corner so I went and pounced poor Vicki because I'd spoken to her a couple of times on a forum...see what wierdo's you attract now? Her bears are just stunning, so tiny and with so much detail and she had the most adorable little lavender panda there, I could have eaten it! Fortunately there was carrot cake and so I didn't have to offend anyone...but that bear was divine! Vicki was busy sewing away and thankfully quite used to strange women who are talking one minute and then taken away by the moving pictures the next! (One of those digital photo frame jobbies...great idea!)

Anyway, here's what I was up to before Patchings.

Ruby Tuesday and The Stones!

My Aunt and Uncle have had a lousy time of things of late. I mean really lousy! It was their Ruby Wedding Anniversary, and so I made them Ruby. The stones were rose quartz, said to aid healing it is a gentle loving stone to aid recovery. Amethyst was sent for spiritual connections and these were refered to all week as "The Stones". Which is how come the bear got called Ruby Tuesday! I couldn't resist, and knowing my Uncle is a music buff, it had to be done. At this point I'd like to add that Ruby Tuesday is an awesome song, it's one of my favourites and given the choice between the Beatles and The Stones....there is no choice. I have every respect for John Lennon, but his mates....nah. Mick on the other hand...aww come on who isn't fascinated by a bloke who dances like a chicken?

Anyway, the bear had a teeny belly button, a sprinkling of glitter and a satchel to carry the Stones about in...and if you were wondering the stones weren't designated names, so it remains unknown as to whether or not the rose quartz is Kieth or Mick!


I finished this chappie before I went into hospital. I had bought some years ago gorgeous chinese silk with gold dragons all over it in the hopes that someday I'd wear it as a dress. Nope, it made it's incarnation as a headboard in one of my make-over sessions! I had saved enough to make a bag...so I thought. No! It turned into bear paws, you can't see them here but they are divine saphire blue with gold dragons on them. I even made sure that the dragons on the left and right all were positioned so they looked as though they moved in that direction. (sad I know!) His eyes are hand painted with glitter and are two shades of blue and gold and quite stunning...and no, you can't see them either! But he is a lovely soft faux fur in french navy and soft white chinchilla, so he feels scrummy! He's soft and squishy too being filled with elastomer pellets and currently living on the sideboard because I can't bring myself to put him in his bear fair box. I can't wait until I can start to make bears this size again, I've made loads of little bears and bunnies and am ready to do something larger, stuffing it though is the problem, I don't have the shove behind me.

Anyway, for those wondering and at this point miraculously still awake (well done!) he's called Ming, not because I made him and thought Ewwww Minging! But because he has a tiny pointed beard and reminded me of Flash Gordon's arch nemisis Ming the Merciless. (OMG yes I was a fan!) Now many may think why name a cute fluffy ted after someone who was anything other than cute and fluffy. Well rumour has it...and I'll lean in here to whisper...at heart Ming was a big softy and besides being into fair ground rides, candy floss and collecting victorian valentine cards, he was nothing but the perfect gent to Dale Arden . So what if he destroyed galaxies, he had good reason. So what if Flash got in his way a couple of times and told everyone that Ming was a bully. He was a victim of bad publicity is what I say. I mean come on...look at that pootum, I'm sure his mummy loved him. (You'll note he is pushy too and has dominated the very top of the blog...just incase you were wondering!)
Incidentally, was it just me that got a huge kick out of a bloke called Buster Crab for all of the wrong reasons or did anyone else out there snigger too? I mean what a great name that was!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

A Stitch In Time...or AWOL

It's taken me ages to decide how I was going to broach this subject and I'm still not sure, but it's about my recent lack of blogging.


Blogging has been awkward for me on the principle that I've always believed good girls keep diaries...bad girls dont. I have never kept a diary! But I was enjoying blogging, and had got into the swing of blogging when...a miracle occured, then went nightmarishly wrong and I was taken into hospital for emergency major surgery. It didn't go according to plan, things weren't tickety boo with the surgery or with myself afterward. I think what I'm trying to say is blogging hasn't happened because a crappy time has been had by all and my heart has not been in it. (Not to mention that the op wound made it impossible to sit at the computer or to lift the lap top.) I was impressed with the internal stitching though, real impressed it stretches from hip to hip and it's sooo neat. I wish I'd had the presence of mind to ask the surgeon how that was done so I could apply it to my bear making! Ladder stitch would be a thing of the past...

Just be thankful there are no pictures!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Scrumpy Jack and the Charlie Bears

Well this is Scrumpy Jack, all ready to go with me and his apples to Rivington Barn on the 13th of march. This was a pattern that I've been working on for a good three years, they started life as squat little dumpling bears and then got stretched and tweaked until they looked like this! Great, but the amount of work that goes into them...phenomenal! Five hours on the sculpted toes and face alone, which I suppose serves me right for being so pernickety! But he's done and hopefully he'll be adopted too before too long.

I have to admit that I did him while I was watching the QVC programme on Charlie Bears, I don't ever watch QVC even though I'm addicted to Kirks Folly Jewellery, it's gorgeous, but to be honest the style of presentation bores me. Fifteen minutes to talk about one item, how much can you say about one thing? It seems to be loads... Only once before did I turn to this channel while I was at my Mums (another Kirks Folly addict) and we wound up watching Xena Warrior Princess inbetween the jewellry items. To be honest though here I was curious, I wanted to see just what those bears looked like from the new collection and have to admit, I like Diesel. Now I'll be shunned by the artist world for sure :(

But for a small company based in England to be making as big a splash in the bear world as Charlie and her husband have done, well it's got to be said, that's impressive.