Sunday, 8 February 2009

Scrumpy Jack and the Charlie Bears

Well this is Scrumpy Jack, all ready to go with me and his apples to Rivington Barn on the 13th of march. This was a pattern that I've been working on for a good three years, they started life as squat little dumpling bears and then got stretched and tweaked until they looked like this! Great, but the amount of work that goes into them...phenomenal! Five hours on the sculpted toes and face alone, which I suppose serves me right for being so pernickety! But he's done and hopefully he'll be adopted too before too long.

I have to admit that I did him while I was watching the QVC programme on Charlie Bears, I don't ever watch QVC even though I'm addicted to Kirks Folly Jewellery, it's gorgeous, but to be honest the style of presentation bores me. Fifteen minutes to talk about one item, how much can you say about one thing? It seems to be loads... Only once before did I turn to this channel while I was at my Mums (another Kirks Folly addict) and we wound up watching Xena Warrior Princess inbetween the jewellry items. To be honest though here I was curious, I wanted to see just what those bears looked like from the new collection and have to admit, I like Diesel. Now I'll be shunned by the artist world for sure :(

But for a small company based in England to be making as big a splash in the bear world as Charlie and her husband have done, well it's got to be said, that's impressive.


  1. We love Charlie Bears too, so no shunning from us, have you seen the really big guy, can't remember his name but he is awesome

    PS love Scrumpy Jack xx

  2. If you mean Barnaby, he's sitting right by my side lol. If you mean one of those huge six foot! Odin, he's fabulous! Go and have a nose, he's on their site. xx

  3. Hello Scrumpy Jack. Tell your creater that you are such a beautiful bear.
    greetings from Holland