Sunday, 8 February 2009

Scrumpy Jack and the Charlie Bears

Well this is Scrumpy Jack, all ready to go with me and his apples to Rivington Barn on the 13th of march. This was a pattern that I've been working on for a good three years, they started life as squat little dumpling bears and then got stretched and tweaked until they looked like this! Great, but the amount of work that goes into them...phenomenal! Five hours on the sculpted toes and face alone, which I suppose serves me right for being so pernickety! But he's done and hopefully he'll be adopted too before too long.

I have to admit that I did him while I was watching the QVC programme on Charlie Bears, I don't ever watch QVC even though I'm addicted to Kirks Folly Jewellery, it's gorgeous, but to be honest the style of presentation bores me. Fifteen minutes to talk about one item, how much can you say about one thing? It seems to be loads... Only once before did I turn to this channel while I was at my Mums (another Kirks Folly addict) and we wound up watching Xena Warrior Princess inbetween the jewellry items. To be honest though here I was curious, I wanted to see just what those bears looked like from the new collection and have to admit, I like Diesel. Now I'll be shunned by the artist world for sure :(

But for a small company based in England to be making as big a splash in the bear world as Charlie and her husband have done, well it's got to be said, that's impressive.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Phlox Guardian and Yet More Snow!!!

Well this is the last of the flowerbeary guardians for the moment, mainly because I've run out of pretty glass flowers . This little lady is the Phlox Guardian and her expression made me laugh so much I did something I rarely do...I left the quirky mouth alone! Oh no! Could this mean a slip in quality? Nah, I just like the uncertain way she looks, it was how I felt making her. One of those bears where you know the mohair is too long for the pattern but hell, you've sewn the legs so on with the show! You know you're going to have to trim more and aren't sure about the colour and finally when you've made it you sit back and think...actually that bear makes me laugh. So blow it! If nobody wants her she can stay with me. I can honestly say though the trickiest thing about this bear was finding a pink coloured spring flower! Eeeeeekkkkk!!!! It's not easy, especially when all you can think of is Tulip, but that won't do because they aren't Tulips that she's holding! Out came the myriad of herbals and gardening books, and there was much thumbing until I found a variety of Phlox that was named Marjorie. It was a sign! Help was at hand! It has the same name as my late Nan, and the same do for you expression.

So onto the next bear! Looks as though I'll have plenty of time seeing as college was cancelled all week, bit tricky, I'd bought my flowers for the task at hand. I'm doing Floristry and while I love doing arrangements, coursages are not my favourite thing in the world....maybe because once upon a long ago, they were one of the things I had to make lots of...and if I manage to pass my qualifications I will have to make them again. But anyway, the snow, it's madness! How can a whole country grind to a halt over six inches of snow? I mean places like Canada have it worse and my friend Vera in the states was telling me that they have a snowplough go around over there! I had to laugh as the governement official tried to worm his way out of why London has literally stopped through it...his excuse? It was the wrong quantity of snow!

How inconsiderate of the British weather to put such a spanner in his works...isn't there a EU guideline to tell the clouds just how much to drop, what size flakes and what shape?

The upshot of this is it's been a great day. Kev got up really early while I was twisting and tormenting myself with gardening books and he made the kids a sleigh. Unfortunately the snow is too deep where we went for it to move very far so we are hoping it'll ice up a bit and then it should go like the clappers! Can't wait! We took our three little dogs with us. Bella and Bonnie the cavalier king charles girlies loved it, but came back covered in snowballs, the poor things had snow clinging to their legs, their tummies and their bottoms. As soon as we got in they made a beeline for the radiator and snugged down for a sleep. Tallulah my little rat dog, was in her element and didn't want to come in, but she was freezing, so we've changed her coat and look at her now in that very first picture...have you ever seen such a big smile? Now that's someone who has the right idea about how to deal with the snow bless her muddy little paw prints. you can see...not a lot of ironing done either!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

First Rumblings

Blimmin Heck it's cold!!! I mean we have penguins knocing at the conservatory door and the snow is deep enough to bury my chihauhau jack russel cross. Now before you start thinking awww poor little dawgie, she's not, she's loving it, I have tunnels all over the garden where she's been.! We are quite lucky really because everyone in this house loves the snow and when it first settled all ten inches of it, we raced off to snowball fight on the local cricket pitch...and came back at half past ten in the evening...not responsible parenting considering it's a school day, but what the hell, they can go to bed on time any night, what they can't do is play in the snow...or be pelted with snowbombs by a mother who ought to know beter.
It's all ice today and so I've been sitting getting this blog going, so that I can show you these two new little bears...andof course there was a reason for all of the snow waffle. My little bears are guardians of spring, each of them clutching a delicate little glass flower in their armatured paws. Armature is something new for me and I will definately be using more of it! I just love thw way it gives them such posability! Both of these little guys I'm doing for the Rivington Barn fair, which I understand is the first fair that Katie Countrymice are doing and I'm off to stalk one of her bears! They are so cute!
In the mean time, here's the Snow Drop Guardian (little white plushy guy) And heres' the Primrose Guardian (Little chap with an orange nose) I hope you like them, it's taken me ages to chase them around the garden for their photo's. Oddly enough after I'd lifted the stone in the rockery that they were hiding under, they were easily persuaded to come into the warmth, and so they now sit, in the CubbyHole wth Faithful (the bear in the headr) drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies. The thing is if you look at the nose of the Primrose Guardian, it's rather orange and some of my baileys is missing...I think he'sbeen having a crafty tipple!