Monday, 20 April 2009

Sort of In Celebration of being Hirstute ~ Raspberry Truffle

Ahh a childhood hero, who at the tender age of eight most girls would never identify with! A stint in the hospital however without a razor in sight and everyone knows just how this guy feels! Strangely enough someone, perhaps a teen angel has taken pity upon him and her veet to his legs and arms! What a lucky little hairball he is.

Now with Captain Caveman in mind, and keep him there...can you see a resemblance?

Yep! Another little hairball. I know it's against the grain to make small, tubby bears out of mohair about a centimetre too long for them, but I love doing it. I'd never realized why the thrill of seeing tiny pudgy toes peeking through the long hair gave me such a kick when I'd made them. Then it all became clear as a bored son watched Captain Caveman on U-tube, it is a childhood dream revisited and who out there can say that they didn't have a soft spot for the little guy? Infact I thought given this I'd call this little bear he'd sound a bit like Cavies side kick.

Then I took him to see Nicola in Ashbourne and she suggested Raspberry Truffle as a name for the little bear, because he's such a lovely chocolate brown beneath the shocking raspberry and white streaks. Had to agree, because as enamoured of Cavie as I was, I love my chocolate even more!
Oh and for those wondering (or not) This is the mohair I was going on about in my last blog and it's so soft and silky it doesn't feel like the regular stuff! Infact it's so nice, I've had the purple variation as well...but's being smuggled into the stash!


  1. You are a rollin back the years..............Captain Caaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvmmmaaaaaaaaan!!!!

    Love Raspberry Truffle, great name
    Sue xx

  2. Lmao, didn't you just love that cry? Tell you what though neither of us of course are old enough to remember the cartoons when they first came out! ;o) I'll uncross my fingers now.



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